Paradicsomleves, Hungarian-style tomato soup

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… a rendezvous of tomato and sugar in a soup bowl

– I’m cooking a tomato soup tonight, come over for dinner!

– Well, to be honest, I’m not too keen on cold soups like gazpacho.

– Oh no, this is a nice and warming soup!

– Ah, great! So it’s the Italian, basil-infused one, I love that!

– Actually, it doesn’t have any herbs in it, but rather some…khhm…sugar…

– So it’s another interesting Hungarian dish again, right…?

This was a conversation I had with a friend a couple of weeks ago; a foreigner on a journey of discovery in the world of Hungarian cuisine, in which I’m more than happy to accompany – and sometimes shock – him.

Hungarian tomato soup
Hungarian tomato soup

Soups have always been an essential part of Hungary’s cuisine. This might be due to the climate, resulting in cold winters when the only way to warm up yourself is having a nice bowl of soup. If you decide to start your meal with a soup, you have a wide variety to choose from, ranging from the rich and heavy ones – like goulash – to the very simple ones. The tomato soup is in the latter category, a very easy and light soup, requiring only 6 ingredients: onions, oil, tomato sauce, black pepper, salt, sugar.

Pasta, a way to communicate
Pasta, a way to communicate

So how these come together and transform into a – divinely delicious – soup? Fry the onions on some fat, add the tomato sauce, sprinkle with some salt and black pepper, dilute it with a bit of water, and as a finishing touch add some sugar. Bring to boil, taste and serve.
And one more question: what the soup is accompanied by, is it paired with bread as the Spanish and the Italian ones? Well, of course not. The Hungarian tomato soup is eaten with small pasta. And which shape? Can be any, but if you ask any Hungarian – whether an adult or a child –, they will all give you the answer: ABC shaped pasta!


It’s really as simple as this, a low-budget dish not requiring any cooking skills, so no excuse can be found for not preparing it! 🙂


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