„The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”

or in our interpretation:

“The way to a nation’s heart is through its food”


As Budapest has been getting discovered in the last few years, more people than ever before have turned their eyes towards the Hungarian capital as the Gateway to Eastern Europe.
We venture to guess though that most people don’t have a ton of knowledge on Budapest… It’s a city waiting to be discovered, full of mysteries and intrigue. What do people eat? What are they passionate about? What is the culture like? Let’s explore Budapest together and unravel some of the mystery the best way we know – through its food.
So don’t wait any longer – join one of our programs and experience Budapest at its best!




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Authentic home-cooked food in a Hungarian home

Get a unique glimpse into a family’s daily life and go behind the scenes. Enjoy a genuine and home-cooked Hungarian dinner paired with excellent wines, while meeting fellow travellers and a local family ready to reveal all the secrets about Hungary. A dinner giving you a taste of Hungary and an authentic experience you won’t soon forget.

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Guidebooks might tell you where to eat. But we’ll tell you what to eat and why.
Enjoy Budapest’s old-world charm, and discover how our local cuisine has changed since the fall of communism. Our Gastronomic Ramble takes you off-the-beaten path to eateries that offer distinctly local delicious food. In addition to tasting great food, you’ll learn about our history and culture as well.


Food and Wine Adventures

Looking for new adventures

Budapest occupies less than 1% of Hungary’s territory; meaning that if you don’t leave the capital, you’re experiencing just a tiny tiny part of the country. If you wish to discover the secret world outside the capital’s border, choose one of our day-trips, and we’ll take you to places and make you live adventures, you’d never come across without the help of a local. Come and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Hungarian countryside!off-20





Tired of being a tourist with a map, but don’t want to miss any major sights? Then our Walk&Dinner is the right program for you – a guided sight-seeing walk in the centre of Budapest combined with a dinner afterwards at our restaurant. A truly unique learning and eating experience!

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Stay with us

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Whether you visit Budapest for pleasure or business, accomodation counts. We invite you to have a special travel experience and stay at one of the luxury vacation rentals of Budapest Premium Apartments; where you won’t get a simple accomodation, but rather a unique opportunity to see and feel our beautiful Budapest as a local.

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Planning a trip to Budapest, or have been here already and fell in love with it? Or simply looking for some interesting reading? Check our blog where we share with you our thoughts about gastronomy, viticulture, events, culture and random things going on in Budapest – and we give you an insight to the backstage of our restaurant and daily life as well. So, search a comfy armchair and enjoy reading!

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