Máglyarakás, a real sweet treat

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… when apples go on fire

According to BBC Good Food, one of the food trends in 2015 are Pudding restaurants. As strange as it might sound, it really refers to places offering only and exclusively different kind of puddings on their menu, nothing else. So let me show you how you can follow this trend in a Hungarian way!

The word ”mámáglyarakas_1glyarakás” means bonfire in Hungarian. And do you know where the English term derives from? From the fact that originally bones were burned in these fires… You might ask, isn’t it a bit creepy to call a dish like this? Well, if I think about it now, true, it’s a bit strange to name something like this; but the dish – of course! – has nothing to do with the original meaning of the word, ‘bonfire’ simply refers to the appearance which recalls flames.

So after this creepy intro, what a máglyarakás actually is? It is one of the most traditional Hungarian desserts, something similar to a sort of bread pudding. It starts with a layer of braided loaf slices, soaked previously in a sweet milk-egg yolk liquid. Then comes a layer of finely ground walnuts, some apricot jam and finally some apples slices along with raisins. And despite this would probably be already delicious, the layering continues, and you put some more walnuts and jam on the apples, and one more layer of braided loaf as well. And how comes the bonfire look? Well, as a finishing touch, the last layer of loafs is spread with some meringue, which is then, with the help of a spoon, is swirled. Once the máglyarakás is baked, the swirls of the meringue topping have a nice golden colour – really looking like as if there were flames on the cake!

So from now on, if you have some stale pastry –bread, buns, loaf – at home, you know what to do, let’s make a Hungarian bonfire out of it! 🙂


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