Villány is situated in the most southern part of the country, just within a stone’s throw from the Hungarian-Croatian border. During the Turkish occupation, the population significantly decreased in numbers and the region needed to be recolonized; that’s when the “Danube Swabians” arrived, creating a very interesting German-Hungarian melting pot of food and culture.


The best way to taste wine This is the warmest part of Hungary – having the highest number of sunny hours yearly –, with conditions reminding of a Mediterranean climate. Due to the slope’s excellent position and the weather conditions, Villány and the hills nearby are an ideal place for vineyards. Wine-making, in this part of Hungary has a very old tradition, dating back to the Roman times; and the expertise acquired during the hard-working centuries, resulted in producing excellent red wines; worthily famous nationwide and internationally as well. The region, traditionally a land of crimson-coloured red wines, embraced also the rising popularity of rosé wines, and offers exceptional wines also in this category.

However, Villány and its neighbourhood is not a paradise only for wine-lovers, but also for food-lovers. There are hidden numerous artisanal food producers; small family-run businesses carrying on old traditions and merging them with innovation, creating excellent artisanal products – for sure worth to be discovered and appreciated. The region’s cuisine undoubtedly bears some German influence, and it’s famous for exquisite game dishes – best when accompanied by a glass of red wine – thanks to the vicinity of the hunting grounds of the Gemenc Forest.


During this one-day enogastronomic gateway, featured also in the Huffington Post, we will visit artisanal producers, discover their personal stories, learn about their products and experience their culture. You will taste delicious foods and try excellent wines – truly the best of the terroir.



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