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” Suzie and her parents serve the only home-cooked meals that beat out the fancy restaurants to rank in Budapest’s Top 10 eateries on Trip Advisor… I made friends with fellow travelers, and we all had that warm, smug feeling that we were sampling a local slice-of-life that is not available to most tourists… Suzie’s aunt Mariann can host guests in apartments she designed herself, and she won a Superhost Award on Airbnb because she cares for her guests like your own aunt (I mean your cool aunt who you actually like)… Suzie and her family personify human contact at its best, and they have a gift for showing Hungary’s slice-of-life to others. Her whole family exudes warmth and fun — the kind of friends you want to hang out with when you arrive in a new country. ” 

Huffington Post by David Code



Poppy-seed, a flagship of Hungarian desserts.Emphasizing Hungarian ingredients like poppy seed is always Suzie’s priority; she just doesn’t want them to be glimpsed through the same dusty lens. So she dreams up ever-changing, seasonal menus in tandem with her mother that authentically reflect the everyday dishes relished in Hungarian kitchens. Pumpkin might be the star of a cozy November dinner, while July brings meat grilled in an open-air setting, 15 minutes out of the city.”

Saveur Magazine by Alia Akkam




An evening filled with laughter “Suzie greeted me as though I were a dear friend she hadn’t seen in a couple of years, and then guided me to the balcony to introduce me to the rest of her guests, sipping on wine, loud and laughing, and occasionally pausing to stare out at the truly breathtaking Danube River…Later, we dined on the tastiest duck breast I’ve ever come across, I just salivated typing that out…When I say it was one of my best experiences in a 6 week solo adventure that took me through 7 different countries, that should carry some weight..This was my strange little travel family of the evening. I relaxed, and laughed, and walked out feeling that warm, happy laziness that settles in after a big family meal.”

Lose the Map



Pálinka, the Hungarian way to start“It felt like being at a dinner with some long-lost friends. And the food was really excellent, from start to finish…my favourite was a platter of vegetables from Suzie’s garden. The tomatoes are priceless – she said, and she was right… It was one of those night that I wish could’ve just gone on and on… Eat & Meet is a way to gain an insight into the lives of a local family, meet some fellow travellers, get some tips about where to eat and drink in town and have a great dinner – all in one place. “

The Crowded Planet



Chicken liver wrapped in crispy bacon served with home-grown vegetables“It’s like attending a small dinner party at a local’s home…They take pride in using local products and serve some dishes you won’t find in restaurants. They will also alter the menu to take into account special needs like vegetarians, etc… Suzie is also a tour guide, so she’s a great resource on top of providing spectacular cuisine…Not only is the food wonderful, but you get to have delicious local wines, and you get to visit with new people… Make sure to contact them in advance of your trip to ensure they have room available for you.”




Eat&Meet Press room: We Love Budapest“Stepping out of the elevator, we are greeted by our smiling host, who invites us into the flat that looks onto the Danube and the Buda Hills. The chicken paprikash is already cooking, the dough for the dumplings is waiting to be dropped into the water. We’ve booked a table in a pop-up apartment restaurant that we think you’ll enjoy too.”

We Love Budapest



Eat&Meet Press room: Budapest Local“…while locals usually know where they can get authentic Hungarian food, tourists have a more difficult time finding those places. Luckily, Eat & Meet offers a great solution for those visitors who are looking for a local and authentic culinary experience in Budapest…. Our dinner felt like dinner with friends, which is actually not that surprising if you think about it: after all, those who are interested in this kind of culinary and cultural experience are usually like-minded people who are looking for less traditional ways to explore the city, and who believe that meeting other people is one of best things about traveling.”

Budapest Local