Food Tours

in Budapest

Do you wish to see Budapest through different eyes…?

Guidebooks might tell you what to see and where to eat, but they won’t tell you what and how to eat… To discover off-the-beaten path eateries and sample delicious local foods and drinks, join one of our Food tours throughout Budapest. This foodie walk introduces you to the Hungarian gastronomy, and reveals numerous secrets about the cuisine, culture and history, whilst having fun and tasting several local delicacies at different venues.


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Food & Wine Trips

on the Hungarian countryside

Do you wish to see a different face of Hungary, not only Budapest…?


Looking for new adventures


Then join one of our lovely Food&Wine Adventures organised to the Hungarian countryside, opening up a world, inaccessible without the help of a local. These one-day trips, featured also in the Huffington Post , show hidden gems and delicious treasures like a drop of honey or a sip of wine, spread over the Hungarian countryside.Discover more





These are small-group programs, and they can be tailored to any specific interest and request. The programs are available in French, Italian and English as well. Both the programs are truly memorable experiences, where you’ll get to know hidden foodie gems, discover new flavours and learn about Hungarian history, culture and its people. 

So why choosing an Eat&Meet tour? Because food is the key to a nation’s heart, so there’s no better way to get access to Hungary than our Food and Wine tours, led by a lady who has an infinite passion and love for Hungary and its gastronomy. Whichever program you’ll join, be prepared for getting “contaminated” by this young lady and her love for this country; she’s truly like a gastronomic ambassador of Hungary!


They say about us:

Wonderful extraordinary culinary tour with Suzie – aalex 2015, Austria

Thanks to Suzie for the extraordinary tour through the culinary Budapest! The tour was very personal, great fun and tasted delicious. We had a broad range of different traditional Hungarian food and some insight in the history of the market hall and its food.
It started with an aperitif, called “Unicum” and went on with Langos, different types of sausages, mixed pickled vegetables to specialties from Balaton and ended with cakes in a traditional Hungarian café. What we really enjoyed were all those little stories Suzie could tell us about the food, its history and its meaning to the Hungarian people.
We enjoyed every minute of it and would recommend it for all culinary loving people!