We always carefully compose the menu and select dishes with typical characteristics of the local cuisine, to give you a taste of how a real Hungarian family eats. If we cook something traditional, it is based on a family recipe which my grandmother passed on to us as a very precious gift. And if we prepare something in a newer form, it testimonies our ingenuity, creativity and desire of innovation. But whether it’s a traditional old dish or an innovated new dish, what they have in common are the high-quality – often home-made – ingredients and the love they are prepared with.

Each dinner and each menu is different; we change it following the seasons and considering our guests’ eventual requirements. Hungarian cuisine is a really varied one, ideal to accommodate any dietary need; so whether you follow vegetarian eating principles or you have any food allergies/intolerances, let us know when you book the dinner, and we happily tailor the menu to your needs.


Concerning the payment, we would like to ask you settle the bill after the dinner in cash, or transfer the money to our bank account (contact us for details), whichever way is more comfortable for you. The price of the dinner is 45€/person, which includes an aperitif, the 3-course meal, water and Hungarian wine as well.




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