The Chain Bridge Budapest – called also the Paris of the East or the Pearl of the Danube – is a true treasure to be discovered. A beautiful city lying on the two sides of the river Danube, a place with plenty of breathtaking sights, monuments and hidden gems which tell infinite stories about the rich and adventurous past of this country. But Budapest isn’t worth to be discovered only from a cultural, architectural and historical point of view, but of course from a culinary one as well.

Join our Walk&Dinner program, and combine learning and eating in a truly unique way.

The program starts with a 2-3-hour long guided walk in the centre of Budapest. We’ll stroll through Budapest whilst admiring some of its major sights and learning about Hungary’s history and culture. The walk is followed by a dinner hosted at our family-run restaurant, Eat&Meet, situated just by the Danube, offering a breathtaking view from the living room and the balcony. The place can be reached (depending on the season) with a ferry, stopping just by the corner of the house; a ~ 40-minute journey adding another very nice experience to the program.

People from around the world sitting around the same table
People from around the world sitting around the same table

You’ll be given a warm welcome with some home-made and aged pálinka, coming directly from the Hungarian countryside where our family originates from. This will be followed by a three-course meal, composed of dishes with typical characteristics of the local cuisine, to give you a taste of how a real Hungarian family eats. During the dinner you’ll be introduced to the world of Hungarian gastronomy, with detailed explanations about our cuisine and the different cooking methods, traditions and customs related to it. The menu always changes, according to seasons and guests’ eventual specific requests. Whichever dish is chosen though, it is always 100% Hungarian – either because it’s traditional or because of the use of ingredients which are unique and typical to our country. And of course we couldn’t forget about the gorgeous Hungarian wines either; every dish has its own pair, selected with great care and attention.

After our Walk&Dinner Program, you’ll have a clearer picture about Budapest and Hungary, from a cultural, historical and culinary point of view as well. You’ll have the chance to admire this wonderful capital and its architectural beauty, learn about the country’s history and discover its gastronomy in a truly authentic way, in the company of a local family.



Practical information

The program is available all year long. It has a length of about 7 hours, and the starting time is ~3pm, with dinner served at 7pm.

The walk starts in the centre of Budapest and covers major sights of the city. The itinerary is subject to change.

It is a small group program (2 – 6 persons).

Price: 85€/person (incl. 3-hour guided walk, one entrance ticket, public transport ticket, 3-course dinner with wine)

For bigger groups and private tours please contact us for a customized proposal regarding the price and the itinerary.