Special open-air dinners in Summer ∞

Bogrács, which adds an extra smoky flavour to everything
Bogrács, which adds an extra smoky flavour to everything

Summer evenings are magical. Sharing food is magical. So if we combine these two, means there is even more magic created; that’s why open-air dinners are so popular worldwide, and Hungary is not an exception either.

Pefect setting for an open-air dinner
Pefect setting for an open-air dinner


Have you ever heard of bogrács’? If not, it means you’ve missed something really unique and delicious. But no worries, here’s the chance to try it out!

We offer dinner parties in a garden just outside of Budapest (15 min from Nyugati railway station) in a wonderful and peaceful setting. You’ll have the chance to experience one of the oldest Hungarian cooking methods called ‘bogrács’. Bogrács means cooking in a cauldron over fire, ideal for preparing dishes such as goulash soup, meat stews and lecsó (summer vegetable-stew with sausage). But not only bogrács will be used, but we offer also grill-parties with gorgeously marinated meats and home-grown vegetables.

Price: 35€/person (drinks incl. as well)



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A truly unique dinner experience with delicious home-cooked food, wonderful company and great atmosphere with guests from around the world.
Contact us asap because seats are very limited!




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