Questions You often ask

We’re looking for a unique and memorable dinner experience, is this the right place?

Yes, yes and yes. Our restaurant is far from anything that a classic restaurant means, so coming to our place is definitely stepping out of that box – but only in a good sense – for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Are you ready?

Can you accommodate dietary requests (gluten, lactose intolerance, vegetarian, vegan, allergies, dislikes)?

Absolutely, if enough notice is given, we can tailor our menu to (nearly) all kinds of dietary requests. We’ll make sure you won’t miss out on any part of the dinner.

Do I need to speak English to join a dinner?

Of course, no need to be a native speaker or speak perfect English (nobody will care about your grammar), but being able to communicate with your fellow diners is quite important to enjoy all aspects of the evening; given that a dinner at ours is both a culinary and a social experience. I speak also Italian and French, so in case, I can also help you out if you speak any of these two languages.

How far in advance should I book?

You can send us a booking inquiry whenever you wish so, of course the sooner the better. Once I get your booking inquiry, I mark you in our calendar, and then I’ll get in touch with you about a week prior the requested date for further organisation.

Booking far advance guarantees that I can join a dinner?

I try my best to coordinate the bookings in a way to accommodate every request, however this is sometimes not possible. Our restaurant works in a special way and is a family-run business, so we have our limits. Of course, the more available dates you give, the higher the chance is I can make it work.

I’m a solo traveller, is this a good program for me?

Definitely, actually I’d say it can be a perfect one! Our dinner is as much about eating as it’s about socialising, so this means you could spend your evening in some nice company with interesting conversations.

We’re a family with children, can we come?

Our restaurant is child-friendly, so of course you’d be welcome to bring your kid(s). We had families with both younger and older children, and they really enjoyed their time. However, in the respect of the other guests, please consider whether your child would enjoy a ~3-hour long dinner.

How can I reach your restaurant?

Our place is easily reachable by metro in a about 10 minutes from the centre, or via taxi. Once your booking is confirmed, I provide you with detailed indications and details.

I’m a bit shy, would I still enjoy your dinner?

We’re really keen on making everybody feel at home and relaxed, so if you’re a bit shy and maybe not the most talkative person immediately, no worries, I’ll be there to help you to break that ice.

Can I pay by credit card?

No, sorry to say, we cannot accept any cards, you can settle the bill only in cash, either in euro or huf, whichever currency is more comfortable for you.

Can you help us to arrange a taxi after dinner?

Certainly, we’re partnered with one of Budapest’s official taxi companies, so just let us know before the dinner ends if you need a taxi, and we’re more than happy to arrange you one.

We’d like to try the famous Hungarian goulash, is this the right place?

Also ourselves, we like goulash very much, but it’s a dish we rarely prepare at the restaurant. The reason is that we wish to show you the world behind the “paprika-image” by preparing not the cliché dishes. However, you should definitely taste goulash once, and I’d be pleased to tell you a good place for it, feel free to ask me.

We’re a group celebrating a birthday, anniversary etc, can we book for a special private dinner?

Of course yes, where else could you better celebrate something special and important than at a restaurant like ours? We’d be happy to welcome you and your beloved ones and tailor the evening to your wishes.