Mothers and grandmothers: these are the people that I admire most, not so much chefs”

Yotam Ottolenghi

cook dinner_1-momWhenever you eat a new dish in a different country, you don’t simply enjoy it, but already thinking how could you recreate it once you are back home? You are wondering what are the secrets behind, the cooking methods applied and the ingredients used, to create such a firework of tastes in your mouth? In today’s technological world, of course you can look up the recipe of (nearly) every dish, but recipes won’t tell you everything, because words cannot explain certain things… cooking has to be felt, seen and smelt, and not read on a paper! You can read ‘when there is enough juice’, but how you know what is “enough”, if no one has ever shown it to you?

The world of Hungarian gastronomy is as interesting and mysterious as the country and its history itself. Hungary has been invaded and occupied by several populations during the centuries, who all left some influence on the food, resulting in a really cook dinner_3varied, colourful and one of the most flavourful cuisines in the world. When the majority of people hear ‘Hungarian food’ , they immediately associate to goulash or chicken paprikash, delicious dishes which you should absolutely cook at home too. But do you actually know how the original version of these dishes is and how to prepare them? Recipes can be quite contradictory sometimes, of course all entitled ‘ultimate’ and ‘authentic’ , but how can you know which would be truly traditional – according to a Hungarian person too? To avoid that you get desperately lost in the confusing world of hundreds of ‘ultimate’ Hungarian goulash recipes, come to our Cook Dinner with Mom” program, and learn from a Hungarian mother how to prepare a variety of traditional dishes – all secrets will be revealed, you have our word!



Practical information

The program has a length of about 6 hours, and the starting time is around 4-5pm, with dinner served at 7pm. It is available on days when there is a dinner scheduled (see our upcoming dinners), or on any days if you are a party of minimum of 4 persons..

The program includes the preparation of a traditional Hungarian meal, true hands-on experience led by a Hungarian mother, with refreshments and wine along the way. The cooking is followed by a dinner enjoyed together – with some other guests as well in case.

It is a small group program (2 – 6 persons).

Price: 80€/person (incl. 3-hour long cooking program, all the ingredients, refreshments, wine and a 3-course dinner)

For bigger groups and a private program contact us for a customized proposal.


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