„The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”

or in our interpretation:

“The way to a nation’s heart is through its food”


As Budapest has been getting discovered in the last few years, more people than ever before have turned their eyes towards the Hungarian capital as the Gateway to Eastern Europe.
We venture to guess though that most people don’t have a ton of knowledge on Budapest… It’s a city waiting to be discovered, full of mysteries and intrigue. What do people eat? What are they passionate about? What is the culture like? Let’s explore Budapest together and unravel some of the mystery the best way we know – through its food.
So don’t wait any longer – join one of our programs and experience Budapest at its best!




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Authentic home-cooked food in a Hungarian home


Get a unique glimpse into a family’s daily life and go behind the scenes. Enjoy a genuine and home-cooked Hungarian dinner paired with excellent wines, while meeting fellow travellers and a local family ready to reveal all the secrets about Hungary. A dinner giving you a taste of Hungary and an authentic experience you won’t soon forget.



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If you’re reading these lines, probably you’re planning your trip a Budapest. First of all, excellent choice, you’ll see Budapest is a fabulous place with plenty of things to do and to see. To help you to a have memorable stay in Hungary with unforgettable experiences, beside the dinners at our restaurant, we offer different small-group tours in and around the capital. Whether you’re looking for a sightseeing tour in Budapest, a mouth-watering food tour or a trip nearby, you’ll find it among our programs.

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