Our Mission

Gastronomy embraces everything; traditions, history, customs, beliefs, secrets all merge together and shape a country’s cuisine through centuries – creating a world full of discovery. Learning about food is not only about tasting and sampling… It is about learning about a country itself. It is about finding the answers to the ‘why’ questions when travelling. It is about understanding local people. It is about falling in love.

Our mission is to show you the real and authentic Hungarian cuisine, and give you the key to discover and understand this country at its best – through its food. Our goal is to make you live an unforgettable experience – and our wish is to make you fall in love with Hungary, its food and its people.

Our philosophy

The idea of Eat&Meet appeared in the head of a young Hungarian lady, having plenty of creativity, energy and most importantly, infinite love and passion for the unique food and the rich culture of her homeland, Hungary. The wish to share her passion and her knowledge with people visiting Hungary, met her family’s support, and that’s how a dream became reality – and Eat&Meet was born in Janury 2015

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